• Game System
      What is Binding System?
    Binding System can protect your items by creating Lock of their own, so that your items would not be hacked or used by someone else.
    ※ When your items are locked, they cannot be sold, dropped, sent, enchanted, registered, destroyed
      (stone of revision), mixed (strengthened & made). But you can still store them in the storage.
    ※ When you are wearing the items that are locked, you will not be able to wear an assassin mask.
      How to make your items locked
    ㆍYou can give password to your items by using the lock that is sold from the merchant NPC.
      Then, automatically, your items are [locked] with your password.
    ㆍOnce your items are [locked], you can not sell, drop, send as parcel, use private shop or destroyed.
      Setting the [Locked] System
    1. Use Lock to the items that you want to give [Lock Mode]
    2. Then you will get a chance to set your own password and window of questions and answer will pop up
      for the case of losing password of your own.
      - You can set your password by using both numbers and letters.(0~9 a~z A-Z)
      - Your password should be between 4 ~ 12 letters and numbers.
    ※ Please be aware that you will not be able to change your password once you set them.
      Unlocking your locked items
    ㆍYou can unlock your items by using the “Key” which is sold at the official website of Kalonline then you
      can get your traits of items back.
    ㆍIt is essential for you to use your own password in order to unlock your items.
      How to Unlock your items
    1. Use the Key to your locked items that you wish to unlock.
    2. Window of putting password in will pop up and type your password.
    ※ Even though you type in wrong password Key will be consumed once it’s used So, Please Be Careful.
    3. When you type incorrect password twice continuously, Question you have created will be asked.
    If you type incorrect password 10 times continuoulsy, your item will be locked eternally.
    4. You will not be able to unlock your item in any kinds cases.
    ※ You will have to ask CS in this case.
    5. Once you find your password and type correct one which will unlock your item, your wrong type in counts will disappear and initialized.