• Game System
    Explosive Blow
    Introduction of Explosive Blow
    Explosive Blow system is the system that can give more effective damage to others by improving weapon power during the fight. When upgrading, in order to decrease the possibility of penalty and increase the possibility of attack, you have to collect stones of revision. This Stone of revision can be obtained from destroying items intentionally or the item is destroyed when enchanting Talisman.
    Method of collecting Stone of Revision
    - You can get Stone of Revision while you are in conversation with BlackSmith NPC; you can select ‘destroy item’ and destroy weapons above grade 40, armor or accessory which will lead you to get the stone of revision.
    - You can get Stone of Revision when it’s destroyed while your talisman of attack or magic is enchanting.
    - Higher grade of the weapon or armor, you get more stones of revision.
    - If the grade of your weapon is high, you need more stones of revision.
    Possibility of Attack increase when grade of explosive blow increases
    - In conversation with NPC smith, you can select on Revise Successful Percentage and revise.
    - Successful percentages vary by grade of weapons, and you can enhance this to 100%.
    - Higher grade of the weapon’s explosive blow, you need more stones of revision for Revising the Successful Percentage.
    Grade raise of Explosive Blow
    - The grade can be raised as you select Applying Explosive Blow in conversation with BlackSmith NPC.
    - Interface will automatically show the fee, possibility of success, failure and destroy as you register weapon to raise your grade of explosive blow.
    - When you apply the Explosive Blow, your weapon’s grade of explosive blow can be raised by 1, failed or your weapon can be destroyed. But by using stone of revision, you can increase your possibility of success to 100%.
    - Grade of explosive blow cannot be higher than grade of your weapon(sword, bow / magic stick). Thus, +10 weapons can be raised up to (10) grade of explosive blow.
    Grade raise of Explosive Blow Requirements of Polishing stone for successful enchanting Payments
    [1] Grade
    1Stone 1500Zamogeon
    [2] Grade
    2Stones 3000Zamogeon
    [3] Grade
    3Stones 6000Zamogeon
    [4] Grade
    4Stones 6000Zamogeon
    [5] Grade
    5Stones 7500Zamogeon
    [6] Grade
    7Stones 9000Zamogeon
    [7] Grade
    10Stones 10500Zamogeon
    [8] Grade
    13Stones 12000Zamogeon
    [9] Grade
    21Stones 13500Zamogeon
    [10] Grade
    29Stones 15000Zamogeon
    [11] Grade
    45Stones 16500Zamogeon
    [12] Grade
    92Stones 18000Zamogeon
    [13] Grade
    188Stones 19500Zamogeon
    [14] Grade
    192Stones 21000Zamogeon
    [15] Grade
    196Stones 22500Zamogeon
    [16] Grade 198Stones 24000Zamogeon