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PVP-Castle Siege

How to Play

1. Castle Siege system
- The siege system consists of a declaration period, preparation period, and siege period.

2. Processing Hours
- Declaration period: Fri 1:00 am ~ Sat 1:00 am
- Preparation period: Sat 1:00 am ~ Sun 1:00 am
- Siege warfare period: Sun 1:00 am ~ 2:00 am

3. How to participate
- You can officially participate in Castle Siege without guild level restrictions.

Castle Siege Preparation (Defense)

- Even if you do not apply for the Defense guild that acquired the last name, you will be automatically registered with the Defense alliance guild and the Defense side list.

Castle Siege Preparation (Attack)

- To participate in Castle Siege, you must register as an Attack side.
- After clicking the Guard NPC in the occupied area, click the 'Declaration of the war' button to display the siege interface.
.- After clicking the ‘Castle Siege Request’ button, select ‘Attack Side’ and click ‘Select Faction’ to be registered on the attacking side list.

Castle Siege Preparation (Caution)

- All other departments except the Defense Department and Defense Alliance Department can participate in the attack side application.
- Application for the attack side can only be made by the alliance leader, and only the corresponding guild leader can participate in the guild alone.
- Application for the attack side is possible only during the ‘declaration period’.

Guard NPC Locations

Castle Siege interface application screen
1. Division
- Castle Siege is divided into Defense side and Defense side, and if it is the same faction, it will not attack each other even if the alliance is different.
2. alliance
- You can apply for an alliance from 1 to 15 days.
- You can apply for an alliance before the end of the ‘declaration period’ period.

Participate in Castle Siege

- Participation in Castle Siege can be moved to the camp of each faction through the Master NPC.
- If you click the phrase [I will participate in Attack], the Attack side will move to the Attack side's camp.
- If you click the phrase [I will participate in Defense] on the defense side, you will be moved to the defense side camp.

Participation in Siege (Notes)

- Participation in Castle Siege is only available to guild members or alliance members of the guild who have participated in the Attack and Defense sides.
- Participation in Castle Siege is only available for 10 minutes from am 00:50 ~ am 01:00, and admission is not allowed after that.

Master NPC location

Master NPC conversation screen

Castle Siege Rules

- Personnel participating in Castle Siege cannot leave the Castle Siege area while Castle Siege is in progress (no move orders)
- You cannot move to the character selection window while Castle Siege is in progress (Castle Siege participation rewards cannot be paid when moving)
- However, if you log in again after forcibly shutting down during Castle Siege, it will start in each faction's camp.
- If you die during Castle Siege, you will be revived in each faction's camp and the respawn time is 1 minute.
- If you kill an enemy while the Castle Siege is in progress, you can get a reward for your contribution to killing the enemy after the siege is over.
- Castle Siege rewards can only be received by characters who have participated in more than 2/3 (40 minutes) of the running time, and characters who have not completed it cannot receive rewards.
(Only applicable when Castle Siege is normally closed after 60 minutes without achieving victory conditions for each faction)

Attack side camp

Defense side camp


- There are 4 flags, 1 big flag and 3 small flags.
- You will get 50 points for capturing a large flag and 30 points for capturing a small flag.
- At the end of Castle Siege, if you have a higher score than your opponent's camp, you win.
- However, if it ends in a tie, the Defense Camp wins.

Big flag screen

Small flag screen

Defense camp win conditions

- After 20 minutes of Castle Siege, if the Defense camp captures all flags for 10 minutes, Castle Siege ends and the Defense camp wins.

Attack camp victory conditions

- After Castle Siege starts, if the attack camp captures all flags for 30 seconds, Castle Siege ends and the attack camp wins.
- (Whether or not to decide the castle lord is determined according to the priority of the steps below)

step1. flag score

- The alliance leader of the alliance that has the highest Flag score among the flag points owned by each alliance is determined as the castle lord.
(If the flag scores of the alliances are tied, proceed to Step 2)

step2. Kill Point

- The alliance leader of the alliance that has obtained more Kill Points among the alliances with the same flag points is determined as the castle lord.
(If the kill points of the alliances are tied, proceed to Step 3)

step3. average level

- The alliance leader of the alliance with the highest average level among the alliances with a tie in Kill Points is determined as the castle lord.
- The average level of each alliance is determined based on the Siege end time.
(Average level = total level of participating alliance members / number of participating alliance members)

Castle Siege economic system

- The leader of the guild that has captured the castle can adjust the change tax by changing the policy within the territory through the Manager of Occupied Area NPC.
- The policy can be selected from [Low tax], [Middle tax], and [High tax], and the change tax is changed according to the selected policy.
- If you succeed in Defense consecutively, the amount of tax according to each policy will increase.
(According to each policy, you can obtain up to 2 times the tax, and it will increase gradually depending on the number of consecutive defense successes)
(Increased tax due to successive defense successes is applied up to 10 times)
- The tax will be reset when the castle lord is changed to Castle Siege, regardless of whether the old lord has received the tax.
- If there is no guild occupying the castle, change tax is applied at the minimum tax rate [Low tax].

System Low tax Middle tax High tax
Setting Leader for the People Leader of coordination and harmony A tyrant who wants to become stronger himself
Policy Prosperity and peace for all neutral harmony Oppression by means of power and force
Change tax 95% 100% 110%

Manager of Occupied Area NPC

Tax Coordination Interface

Castle Siege Buff

Buff type

Number of defensive successes Attack Side PVP Attack Increased Attack side PVP defense increased
1 10% 10%
2 20% 20%
3 30% 30%
4 40% 40%
5 More than 50% 50%

Buff calculation
- All PVP buffs are added to Yeoiju's PVP ability.
(Ex.) Siege a castle that successfully defended 3 times by a user with 50% PVP attack power and 20% PVP defense as Yeoiju.
PVP Attack 50%+30% > 80%, PVP Defense 20%+30% > 50% applied

Buff applied to
- All players in the Attack camp in the Castle Siege area during Castle Siege duration.

Honor Reward

- Honor points are differentially paid according to the contribution level of each alliance participating in Castle Siege.
- Differential honor rewards are given according to the number of times you kill enemies in Castle Siege.

guild Honor point.
Winning guild 8,000 point
Alliance guild 4,000 point
Losing guild 300 point
Rewards Max
Participant 200
Flag 2,000
Kill 600

※ The honor points will be given only to the participants who are participated 2/3 of time on Castle siege.