• Game System
    Infinite Tower Boss
    Unlike other bosses, the Infinite Tower boss gets rewards with contributions.
    The more you contribute to defeating the boss, the better rewards you will get.
    Infinite Tower Boss Summon Value
    When a monster dies in the Infinite Tower area, the gauge is accumulated
    (only monsters killed while receiving blessing)
    When all the numbers are accumulated, it will be summoned from the infinite tower random location after 10 minutes.
    When the Infinite Tower boss is summoned, a boss appearance notification occurs and the number disappears.
    The Infinite Tower Boss Summon Notification is only visible to users within the Infinite Tower.
    Boss Summon Impossible
    Boss Summonable
    Infinite Tower Boss Notes
    After summoning the Infinite Tower boss, it disappears after a certain period of time if there is no one.
    When the Infinite Tower boss moves to the safe zone,
    it is summoned again with full health from a random location.