Updates and Patches Q&a

Q1 : Will the game change to solo play now?

A1 : The purpose of this update is to make all jobs active in PvP and new hunting grounds while keeping the basics, and we are balancing the basics so that you can choose and grow your favorite job.
Most of them can be played solo, but the lack of a job can only be played with the support of the party's buff.
Of course, the way you play will vary depending on the situation. We plan to improve it with continuous interest.

Q2: If you make Infinity Tower a personal dungeon, you cannot hunt for jobs such as Military Adviser. How is party hunting?

A2: Now, The Tower of Infinity will become a dungeon with high EXP efficiency that all classes can enjoy equally.
Since it is a dungeon with a limit on the number of times, we are balancing it so that all classes can clear it.
The existing Tower of Infinity was a dungeon that needed improvement due to various problems such as a hunting ground occupancy problem, game freezing, experience point evaporation issue, abusing hunting time, and level up helper.
Because it is a dungeon with high usage, Updates to improve this also caused other issues.
The Tower of Infinity was changed to an instance dungeon in order to solve it through a large frame improvement rather than an update method that continuously adds constraints, and to change it to a scalable system.

Instance dungeons will be added periodically.
After the single dungeon, 'Boss Attack Dungeon' and 'Infinite Hunting Dungeon' are currently being planned as party dungeons.

Q3: New is good, but please improve the old content that already exists.

A3 : It is true that the development of new content has a higher priority than the content developed a long time ago, but we promise to improve it sequentially.
First of all, this update adds amulet enhancement and basic stat utility increase.
Now, the stats that are increased by talisman enhancement increase as the level of the equipment increases.
Basic stats Strength and intelligence will increase the attack power in proportion.
We will improve the outdated systems such as Transformation, Transformation, Mix, and Riding systems so that you can use them without any inconvenience.

Q4: If the skill cooldown is reduced, doesn't the Auto-play become more active?

A4: Cooldown reduction has been improved so that it can respond flexibly according to character growth and combat situations.
This will give you more options, especially in PvP.
Auto-play is so clever that it is very difficult to block.
Due to this update, monsters have been modified as much as the changed character's stats, so it has been changed so that it cannot be hunted with an absurd equipment grade.
Auto play also requires equipment appropriate to the level, so we expect to see the sanctions effect by increasing the play difficulty.
In addition, we will continue to strengthen management, monitoring and enforcement to raise the level of response.

Q5: It seems that the personality of the profession disappears while the passive skill is deleted.

A5: Before starting development for skill reformation, we investigated the frequency of skill use and invested skills of all users.

For example, in the case of a rogue, you can increase the critical strike chance by 27% and critical damage by 200% or more just by investing in skills.
In the case of samurai, you can acquire a 25% defense rate through skill investment, and only receive 5% damage by raising the absorption rate to the maximum.
These characteristics are stats that other professions cannot match, no matter what setting they are set to, and it will give other professions a sense of disappointment.
For the sake of fairness, THIEF reduces health and defense, and KNIGHT doesn't think it's the right direction to dramatically lower attack.

For that reason, I had no choice but to delete it, and the sensitive parts were added as common skills and changed so that they can be selected according to the character and item growth.

I don't think the job skills thing is over with this update.
Skill development requires more time and development power, and it cannot be completed at once.
What we lack will be improved and added based on continuous monitoring and user suggestions.
Please suggest any areas for improvement or deficiencies. We will do our best to accommodate you as much as possible.

Q6: Military Adviser is a healer job, but some heal skills have been removed, and some have their cooldowns increased. Usability is too low.

A6: The Military Adviser is the only profession with healing skills in Kalonline, and I am well aware that it is very important as a healer.
We don't want the Military Adviser to be a secondary character that only uses healing skills, not combat, as it is now.
This unique skill will be used very importantly along with the Knight in some content, and the healing skill will be improved to become a more powerful and important skill in the future.

Q7: Even if you only acquire passive skills, you don’t have enough skill points.

A7: Character growth is completed through item options, character stat investment, and skill combinations.
The skill point investment method may vary depending on your choice, and I hope you enjoy creating your own style in various combinations.
We will adjust the balance so that there is no difficulty in hunting monsters of a similar level to the character even if the skill is acquired only with the skill points given to the character.

Q8: You cannot receive rewards from monsters that are more than 10 levels higher than the character's level. It seems that the fun of challenging the high difficulty will disappear.

A8: The initial purpose of the experience limit was to defend the system. It was judged that it was an abuse of the system to hunt monsters that could not be hunted in a normal way and obtain rewards, and had no choice but to limit it.
However, there were a lot of suggestions, and we accepted them and applied the system abuse prevention in a different way, and changed it to something fun to challenge by breaking the level limit.

Q9: There are not enough hunting grounds where you can go with your party or guild members.

A9: The Tower of Infinity is changed to a personal instance dungeon, but we have increased the experience and item rewards of all monsters so that other hunting grounds can be an option.
In addition to the group-only instance dungeon that can be progressed as a group, new boss monsters that multiple users can summon and subdue together will be introduced, so please pay a lot of attention.

Q10: Now that you have achieved fairness between classes, please also set up a CASTLE SIEGE next.

A10: We already know the problems of CASTLE SIEGE.
Despite the large and small updates so far, it still has various problems, and user suggestions are constantly coming in.
If it had been improved in the initial stage of the CASTLE SIEGE service, it would have been able to respond more flexibly, but it is difficult to modify it prematurely as time passes.
Also, it is difficult for the development team to change the direction in a situation where unreasonable matters have been established.

CASTLE SIEGE will be improved after lowering the attention of the current CASTLE SIEGE by adding the upper CASTLE SIEGE.
Naturally, we will continue to update major and small improvements to the current siege while it is in progress.

Q11: DUEL TOURNAMENT was fun, please make it active

A11: DUEL TOURNAMENT is a content that even the development team feels very sorry for.
After the balance adjustment between classes is completed, the rules and rewards will be reorganized so that users can proceed with PVP using the combined skills and receive abundant rewards.
What we are planning is to add a PvP-only skill set to support switching between hunting skillsets and PvP skillsets without resetting.

Q12: Leveling up in the low-level section is fast, but it's difficult to equip equipment because the supply and demand of letters are not so good.

A12: If you proceed with the incident quest and the task quest together, you can obtain a letter and consumable items as a reward.
You can receive a lot of experience and rewards from quests, so please go through them.

Q13: As the use of the Infinite Tower is limited, please tell me how to obtain experience points.

A13: The Infinite Tower has been changed to a dungeon that can only be used during the weekend, but the experience gained from inside the dungeon has been greatly increased.
Unlike the existing Infinity Tower, the efficiency of Dangun's Grace, Experience Stone, and Experience Amplification Stone has been greatly increased, so please use it.
In addition, since all hunting ground experience has increased, sufficient growth is possible in hunting grounds that match your level.

Q14: I have to reach a certain level to proceed with the incident quest. Do I have to reach that level only by hunting?

A14: There are incident quests and task quests in Cal Online.
There is an assignment quest for each character level, and you can get a lot of experience through assignment quests.
Check the map to see if nearby NPCs have quests before proceeding.

Q15: I don't have honor reward points because I don't use pvp well. Then, I can't buy the book of technology, is there any other source?

A15: Honor reward points can be acquired through various contents.
Even if you don't necessarily win in PVP content, you can get a certain amount of honor reward points, so please participate.
We plan to make it possible to obtain honor reward points through additionally updated daily quests.

Q16: Now I can't get rewards or experience points even if I catch purple named monsters. Please tell me what to do to level up faster.

A16: The condition of giving double EXP by catching purple monsters was decided to be deleted because there were too many related abusing and it was difficult to give additional rewards.
Instead, the experience of field and dungeon monsters has been increased, and experience can also be obtained through newly added task quests.
Please note that we will be making more experience possible through various events and rewards in the future.

Q17: It is difficult to raise the item level of Ornament of Four Guardian Gods, Legacy of Heavenly King.

A17: We plan to expand the content where you can acquire gold coins.

Q18: Since the drop items have been improved, do the items come out better than before the improvement?

A18: It has been upgraded from before, and you can feel that it comes out better.