1. Increase monster EXP

In order to improve the phenomenon of being concentrated only in a specific hunting ground, the experience of all monsters has been leveled up.
The same level but different difficulty for each hunting ground has been corrected and the reward has also been increased.

2. Added Quests to Help Growth

Quests for character growth have been added.
The quest line has been simplified by placing NPCs in the middle of each hunting ground.
Changed the placement of monsters required to complete the quest to be cleaner.
In addition, task quests that can be performed at the same time have been added so that they can proceed simultaneously.

3. Monster Level Reveal

Select a monster to see its level.
You no longer have to judge the monster level by the monster color name.

4. Changed drop items according to monster level and appearance area

The criteria for drop items have been changed depending on the monster level and location.
High level hunting ground monsters now drop better items.

5. Quest-related UI improvements

The UI has been improved so that you can see the quest list, quest details and rewards at the same time.
NPCs that complete quests are now correctly displayed.
Quest target monsters are displayed for easy identification.

6. Expand target selection frame

The display of monster information displayed when selecting a target has been expanded.
Monster names and levels can now be checked by full name.

7. Infinite Tower Reorganization

The Infinite Tower is now a dungeon that can only be entered by individuals.
Infinite Tower NPCs appear only on weekends and can only be entered on weekends.
When entering, you can select and enter the dungeon of the desired level, and it is impossible to move between floors.
You can get experience points every time you hunt monsters, and the maximum number of monsters that appear on each floor is fixed.
The entry level of the dungeon is from level 70 to level 135.

8. Improvement of pet and vehicle movement speed according to character movement speed

It has been improved so that the movement speed of the pet and vehicle can follow the movement speed of the character.
The pet will no longer lag behind the character and will follow.

9. Improved character position synchronization between users

Improved intermittent abnormal positioning when moving or getting off a ride.
Positions are no longer forced to change at the end of character movement and teleport movement.

10. Increased monster reaction speed

When a monster approaches a character, it attacks without waiting.
Previously, there was a 1 second delay before attacking, but this has been corrected.

1. Reinforced hit damage production

The damage display exposed when hitting has been improved to give a sense of hitting.

2. Add skill book

The skill book, which was used only for low-level skills of some occupations, has been expanded to all occupations and the applicable skills have been increased.

3. Magic attack critical hit display

Magic attacks are also properly affected by critical hit chance, so they are now critical.
There may be a chance to miss due to hit/evasion effects.
Damage can be reduced by the defense and resistance of the defender.

4. Stat increase score improvement

Removed the condition where the amount of required points increased depending on the invested stats.
The mod now increases its stats by 1 stat per 1 point.

5. Changes in how character stats are applied

The application method has been changed to improve the phenomenon that the effectiveness of stats decreases as the level increases.
Physical attack power increase is unified with strength stat, magic attack power is unified with intelligence, and the corresponding stat is increased in proportion.
In addition, Health increases Stamina by a percentage.

6. Changed the way defense is applied

In order to increase the effectiveness of defense power, it was changed to a method of converting and applying attack power to defense rate rather than directly deducting it.
It has been changed in a way that applies to physical and magical attacks.

7. Modification of absorption and resistance formulas

The application of absorption and resistance has been improved.
Previously, absorption and resistance values were directly applied as percentages to increase or decrease the amount of damage, so some classes only received 5% damage.
In order to improve it, it has been changed to apply by converting it to absorption and resistivity, and the upper limit has been deleted unlike before.

8. Improved Explosive Blow.

Explosive Blow is affected by the weapon enhancement stage, slashing stage, and dragon god Qigong's attack power.
Explosive Blow damage has been changed to be affected by the weapon enhancement level, Dragon fuse, and Qigong's attack power.

9. Increase item stats

The item's stats have been increased to match the changed balancing.
In particular, the proportion of physical strength has been greatly increased, PvP has been changed more interestingly, and the phenomenon of sudden death from monsters has been improved.

10. Increased stats with Talisman

Depending on the stats of the equipment, the stats of Talisman are increased.
Applied talisman: Strengthening Attack, Strengthening Magic, Strengthening Defense

11. Added common passive skills

It has been changed to solve the imbalance by unifying the imbalanced passive skills for each class.

12. Skill balance reorganization by job

Skills have been reorganized for each job.
For details, please check the Balance revision history.

13. Awakening skill changed to investable skill and maximum level increased

The maximum level of some awakening skills has been increased, and the automatically acquired skills have been changed to be raised by investing skill points.

14. Acquiring additional skill points from level 100

As the number of skill points required increases, starting at level 100, two skill points are obtained when leveling up.

15. Adjusted the number of soul pockets consumed

All skills have been changed to consume a certain amount of Soul Pocket.
The condition that additionally consumed according to the number of strokes of the skill has been deleted.

16. Delete the Knight Sword Stack system

The Sword Stack system has been removed from Knight skills.