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      • Test Server Update (Sep. 22 2022) (Modfiied)
      • 09-22-2022
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        Test server maintenance has at 17:20 ~ 18:20

        The schedule for the September 22th test server update will be announced below.

        For more information on Shaman changed skills, please check the table on the test server guide page.

        Link to test server guide page: https://www.gameagit.com/kalonline/2208opentest

        1. Changed skill applied to Shaman
        - Common passives, and changed skills are all applied
        - All skills except Awaken Skill are reset.

        2. Improved Trinket
        - Trinket of Blue Dragon and Trinket of White Tigers cooldown and buff duration have been improved.
        - Trinket of White Tigers attack power is increased.

        [Trinket Cooldown]

        Beta: 58 seconds
        Delta: 54 seconds
        Epssilon: 50 seconds
        Zeta: 45 seconds
        Eta: 40 seconds
        Theta: 34 seconds
        Theta Lv10: 26 seconds

        3. Modified skill character motion bug
        - Fixed a bug where some characters skill motions did not play properly

        4. Modified Geumoryeong area quest related
        - Fixed the monster placement in the Geumoryeong area and an error where the event quest target location was displayed incorrectly on the map

        5. Modified client force quit error
        - Fixed an error where the client was forced to close when mastering skills in the city of priests

        6. Modified Hondel area monster respawn interval shortened
        - Adjusted to respawn every 10 seconds for normal monsters in the Hondel area

        7. Modified Spirit Forest map modification
        - Map modified so that monsters do not climb on hills in the Spirit Forest

        8. Modified Knight skill

        Berserk cooldown changed to 3 minutes

        Thank you.