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      • Test Server Update (Sep. 15 2022) (Modified)
      • 09-15-2022
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        Test server maintenance has at 15:30 ~ 17:00

        The schedule for the September 15th test server update will be announced below.

        For more information on Archer changed skills, please check the table on the test server guide page.

        Link to test server guide page: https://www.gameagit.com/kalonline/2208opentest

        1. Changed skill applied to Archer
        - Common passives, added skills, and changed skills are all applied
        - All skills except Awaken Skill are reset.

        2. Absorb, the error that the resistance system did not work properly has been fixed.

        3. Applied Monster drop item.
        - The standard of drop items is changed to the hunting ground and monster level.

        4. Infinite Tower entry denied message has been added.

        5. Modified the Curse property

        6. Modified Knight , Magician skill

        Berserk cooldown changed to 5 minutes

        Icicle cooldown changed to 30 seconds
        Lightning Arrow cooldown changed to 30 seconds

        Thank you.