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      • Notice for using illegal programs
      • 06-21-2022
      • Hello, this is Kalonline

        Many of illegal programs which operate in conjunction with Kal Client such as auto-mouse and speed-hack and Damage-hack are being distributed by different sources. Many of these programs contain Trojans or key-loggers which may cause unexpected results to the end user.

        Kalonline is not responsible when user experience loss using these programs.

        Not only these programs cause problems to the end users, but they also cause problems or performance degradation to the server which affects in normal play of other users.

        At this point of time, Kalonline is considering systematic blockage of illegal programs to improve game play experience of most players who does not participate in this illegal activity.

        Kalonline will also ersistently monitor and investigate users that abuse systems with other than normal play and enforce strict user agreement.

        Thank you.