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      • Updates and Patches (May. 4 2023)
      • 05-04-2023
      • Hello Kalonline Players,

        We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
        We will be doing Regular Server Maintenance on May 4th 2023

        The Regular Server Maintenance

        Hours : 09:40 ~ 11:40 (KST/GMT+9)

        * Details *

        1) Added Mission table
        - Added a system where a new mission is assigned every day according to the characters level in the Mission table.
        - There are normal missions and rare missions, and you can get more EXP than normal missions by completing rare missions.
        - Mission reset items required for mission reset can be exchanged from Narutooh Village Sujung NPC.
        - For details, please check the [Quest] - [Mission] guide page.

        2) Modified auto-healer problem
        - Fixed an issue where the set value was incorrectly displayed when max HP fluctuated while auto-healer was active.

        3) Modified ability bug
        - Fixed an issue where OTP increases at a 1:1 ratio when WIS and AGI increase.
        - The ratio of OTP stat increase with WIS and AGI is 5:1.
        - For balance adjustment, the monsters Eva stats have been reduced.

        4) Modified level up problem
        - Fixed an issue where magician and shaman characters did not appear to increase magic attack power when leveling up.

        5) Modfieid Infinite Tower
        - The Infinite Tower movement guide NPC has been modified to be visible at all times.
        - If you try to enter the dungeon on a non-weekly entry day, an entry denial message will appear.
        - Fixed an issue where the Infinite Tower entry count was different in channels 1 and 2.

        6) Modified monsters
        - Fixed an issue where the Trained Traitor Warrior could not be summoned.

        * Please note that intermittent web page access may not be possible during regular maintenance (09:40 ~ 11:40).

        Please refer to the above to avoid any inconvenience in using the game.

        Thanks for playing Kalonline.