Game Operation Policy

01. Basic Operation Policy
1.1 Basic operation policy is the principle of “Gameagit mobile” games and it contains “Company” provides “Member” service’s norm and “Members” needs to check information.
1.2 If “Member” violates basic operation policy, “Member” may receive warning or restriction.
1.3 Game operator (“GM”) may alter the operation policy in order to provide stable service to the users and to minimize any “Member” inconvenience that is encountered. If changes are made to the operation policy, “Company” will be informing the users through official notice. In order to prevent any loss or inconveniences, please check the announcement and acquaint the altered details. “Company” won’t be able to give support if any losses or incommodities due to not having known about the alterations occur.
GM has the authority to establish, modify and delete the policy.
Any changes of the contents on game policy will be announced 3 days in advance.
1.4 Any matters which are not mentioned in the basic operation policy section will follow the “Service Terms Use”, “Personal Information Privacy Policy” and other related common social and in-game rules.

The "Company" may change the Terms of Use if it is deemed necessary to change the terms of this Agreement, and specify the changes and modification dates at the time of change, and from 14 days prior to the effective date To 30 days prior to the date of application), electronic notice by electronic means available to the "member", such as a message, a consent window upon login, and e-mail sending.

02. Account policy (Registration, withdraw etc.)
2.1 “Members” need to enter their correct personal information when registering as a member.
Damage caused from immoral actions such as registering false information or using the personal information of other customers can not be protected by the “Company.” Moreover, they will be responsible for the consequences of all related issues.
2.2 When registered an account, a certain words of name may get restrained.
2.3 If “Member” cannot verified account ownership, “Member” will be restricted all rights for account and it may result to delete account.
2.4 When withdrawal account, “Company” cannot support or answer about “Member” inquiries because “Company” recognizes as “Member” gave up all rights about account. Carefully consider when withdrawal account.

03. Rights and Obligations of “Member”

3.1 “Members” have the rights to enjoy diverse contents provided by the game, and receive related services.
3.2 “Members” would not act against the company's agreement, policy, and general social norms. If damage is caused to other members due to certain actions, they will be responsible for the damage caused.
3.3 When having difficulties with the game play, the members can contact to Customer center for solution of problem. 3.4 For a smoother game play you may request for help or make suggestions to the GM. If a bug is encountered within the game, the “member” may report the bug to the GM. After receiving the reported bug, the GM will try his/her best to resolve the problem.
3.5 When “members” feel that they have received unfair treatment from the GM, they may inquire through official channels such as the customer center and request for measures regarding such treatments.
3.6 “Members” are responsible for the damages received from the use of the programs that are not officially provided by the “Company.” It can occur to charged additionally.

04. Activity of “GM”
4.1 Customer center
“GM” answers to “Member’s” E-Mail request with their best and receive request and reply.
However, may provide limited or no information regarding “Company” information, confidential game information, other “Member” and specific content inquiries from “Member”
- Request other “Member” information. (Personal information, address, and etc.)
- Future detail update and game system information
- “Company’s” internal rules and information
- All requests from other information which effected to Game operation and system confidential information.
- All other requests which is not related with general game requests.
4.2 Disputes between “Members”
The principle of the “GM” is not to be involved with the normal activities of “members”.
However, if needed, the “GM” may provide appropriate suggestions for an amicable settlement. The customers that do not comply with the policy will be subjected to the legislation stipulated for the policy.

05. “GM”’s Restraint
5.1 If “Member” violates Basic operation policy, “GM” can restrict accounts instantly.
If activities were matching with below list, there will be no warning to “Member” and restricted account and investigate cases. After investigation completed, “GM” could act that restricted accounts and delete.
- Behavior that breaks the law and rules and reported illegal actions.
- If issue is determined as fraud, hacking, and same level as criminal activity. If suspicious “Member” denied to support investigation or occurred good will victim.
- Abusing bug and doing harm to game services
- Abnormal method to obtain, use, and trade cyber Assets
- Register or access an account with other people’s personal information.
- Infringing the copyright of “Company” and 3rd party company. In addition, infringing other rights.
- Using software, equipment (hardware), and link which is not provided or accepted by the “Company.”
- Spread, possess, or leak “Company” and game’s security information or confidential business information.
- Spreading rumors and false facts to other user at forum, SNS, and other community site. As a result, damages the honor of "Company" and disrupt business.
- Induce other members to withdraw, delete, or deny login a game.
- Non-acceptance of “GM’s” warning.
- “Member” charged payments with other people’s credit card, telephone(wire/wireless), bank transfer, unauthorized use or steal. In addition, all illegal activities related with payment charge.
- Account and password leaked that due to the member’s negligence or carelessness. As a result, “Member” received harm or “Member” violate Obligations of “Member.”
- If an activity is against to “Company” and members’ social norms or public common rules and to distribute to other people information, posting or other means of vulgar or obscene content that violates the Juvenile Protection Act or related laws

5.2 Rules of illegal activity restrict standard.

※ Using illegal program, Hacking (account theft), or fraud.
Detected count Duration
1st Time Permanent Block

※ Abusing all the processes related to the “Company” and the open market store

- Obtaining unfair profits by abusing various processes provided by the “Company” and the open market store such as member registration, game usage, payment, refund, etc.
- Leaking or spreading ways to abuse various processes of the open market store within the game or through the official community site.(Ex. Official website)
Detected count Duration
1st Time Permanent Block

※ Related a real cash trading
Detected count Duration
1st Time 30 Days Block
2st Time Permanent Block

Depending on the seriousness of the violation, “GM” will decide a restricted duration.

※Related to abusing System (bug) and general abusing.
Detected count Duration
1st Time 30 Days Block
2st Time Permanent Block

Depending on the seriousness of the violation, “GM” will decide a restricted duration.

06. Recovery Policy
There can be no recovery for the damages caused in cases listed below or when an account or character information cannot be verified.
- Application for recovery is accepted within 7 days of the problem occurrence and it should be reported through the Customer Center. After this period of time, it cannot be offered for recovery.
- Inquiries should be filed from the ID in which the issue is occurred. Reports filed from another ID will not be acknowledged.
- Recovery cannot be provided when “Member’s” data is not secured due to the negligence of the “Company”.
- In-game goods, items, EXP that are purposely lost or lost due to “Member’s” negligence will not be recovered.
- Assistance cannot be provided to cases in which problems are occurred due to the “Member’s” negligence or carelessness.
- Assistance cannot be provided to cases in which users overlook the contents of operating policies, in-game announcements, and official communities (official site, etc.)

07. Limited withdrawal of subscription policy
"Paid Item" purchased by "Member" is divided into "Paid Item" which can be withdrawn and "Paid Item" which cannot be withdrawn. "Paid items" that can be withdrawn can be withdrawn within 7 days of purchase.
In the case of each of the following cases, withdrawal is restricted.
- Paid in-game item and items purchased with charged in-game currency are not available for purchase cancellation
- Items, which are used directly after being purchased with cash, are not available for purchase cancellation.
- Goods and items paid by "Company" free of charge to "Members" and paid goods and paid items received from others
- If some of the items sold in bundled form are used
- When using some of the additional items (goods, points, mileage, items, etc.) paid at the time of payment
- For items acquired during the course of using the service
- For items that can be viewed as open use or whose utility is determined at the time of opening
- Notified by other operating policy

08. Indemnity
8.1 The "Company" is exempted from liability for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, periodic inspection and construction of facilities for "service".
8.2 "Company" shall be exempted from liability for the disability of the use of the "Service" in accordance with the cause of the "Member".
8.3 The "Company" is exempted from liability for the provision of the "Service" if the Service cannot be provided due to natural disasters or force majeure.
8.4 The Company shall not be liable for any transaction between the "Member" or the "Member" and the third party through the "Service".
8.5 "Company" shall not be held responsible for the information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by "member" in relation to the "service".
8.6 "Company" shall not be liable for the use of the "Service" provided free of charge unless it violates the relevant laws and regulations.
8.7 "Company" shall not be liable for any loss or loss of the benefits that Member expects through the Service.
8.8 "Company" shall not be liable for the loss of the in-game goods such as "member's" game experience, rank, items, game money, etc. except for the negligence of the "company".
8.9 If you delete "Content" provided by "Company", you should be careful about deletion and there may be cases where the usage information (score, character, item, game money, etc.) is deleted in error. We are not responsible for this.
8.10 In case of device change, number change, overseas roaming, carrier move, etc., "Content" may not be available in whole or in part.

09. Dormancy account policy
“Company” may delete accounts or characters, if they meet all the conditions listed below, in order to provide seamless service and to prevent improper use of dormant accounts and characters
- “Members” or characters that have been dormant for more than 12 moths.
- If there are no charged items existed in an account or character,
- If there are no charged items with a use period remaining in an account or character,